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Usefulness of Blood, Bile Cobra Snake Create Human Health

Flesh and Blood efficacy Snakes, Drinking the blood of other animals such as snake or lizard, pangolin, monkey brains, and bats, is believed to increase libido in men. Although drugs can be used as a variety of diseases, but still only boost the libido into main purpose consumers.
Not to mention late night on Jl. Mangga Besar Raya, West Jakarta, which still leaves the rain. Street lights look glazed, covered with smoke in motor vehicles passing by enjoying the Jakarta that feels a bit cold that night.

A few dozen meters from the hotel 'hourly' regular in-booking guy 'masher' with her partner, looks a little busy in a tent covered with a cloth banner that read broadly similar efficacy and pangolin cobra that can cure various illnesses such as urinary sweet, high blood pressure, heart disease, irregular menstruation, and is still a long row of the list of diseases that can be cured after drinking cobra blood or bile.
At a table set up several bottles of wine and honey that is used to mix the blood and gall of cobras that lost sense of fishy, rancid, and bitter. Near the table, the owner put a box the size of about 1 m2 contains dozens of cobras, both the types of both regular and king cobra. While his men were seen burning flesh of a snake which was then eaten visitors after they drank the blood and bile.
"Sate of this snake is usually eaten as a requirement only. There are also buyers who do not want to eat satay cobra, they only drink blood and bile. The meat we used to make skewers and sold Rp800 per puncture, "said Ube aka Safari, 38, owner of Cobra Ube to Business.
According to the man who was selling the cobra and pangolin in Mangga Besar area since 1984, every day she can sell at least 10 cobras in various sizes with varying prices. For ordinary cobras, small size, the price was pegged Ube Rp25.000 per cow. While for the King Cobra, Ube Rp750.000 fix the price per fish.
"For the anteater, the price count per kilogram, where we sell Rp110.000 per kilogram. Daily minimum I can sell 10 cobra tail. Now, if fitting the long holiday season and a lot of Taiwanese tourists to come here, I could sell a lot. They enjoyed eating the cobra, either in soup or made satay, "he said.
Indeed, the narrative Ube, most customers are 'descendants'. But that does not mean natives do not like taking them. Because, supposedly reportedly cobra blood and bile will be able to make a man 'durable' in bed with her partner. Not only that, impotence problems could be overcome gradually by eating snake blood and bile of this species. This is what makes many men flock to retail outlets in the number of cobra blood Mangga Besar.
As experienced Halim Putra, 26, an employee of a company claiming to consume the interior of the blood and snake bile three times a week with an average of money spent to Rp300.000 Rp250.000 one meal.
"The results are truly remarkable. I can 'play' up to three times in a row with my partner. In addition, the body also feels fit and not easily tired. Apart from the snake blood, I also love to eat monkey brains, "said the man with a body that does look healthy.
The tendency to drink cobra blood and bile are not only happening in Singapore, but other large cities such as Surabaya, Medan, Denpasar and Semarang. In Semarang, Business chance to visit the Palace of the King Cobra, once a house owned shops Sapto Miharjo, herb medicine pioneer and provider of food cobra snake and lizard meat processing in the number of Barito.
Houses as well as stalls with wooden fences and painted light green buffer that is so unpretentious greeted each guest or customer is present. After over a fence, we are immediately greeted a long row of chairs and tables warungan typical. Several large frying pan and utensils seem obsolete berjejeran with a large stove which stood firmly in the corner dead right.
Who's in the left corner of the entrance there is a large cage made of bamboo and woven wire in front of a few buckets of water and a stack of bundles of plastic bags. On the top of the pile depends sphere bundle of small black bile was none other than dried snakes and lizards.
About the trivial bundle lying beside a bucket of water for no mischievous remind Business touches. For about six snakes from the type of Naja sp (local cobra) and ophiophagus hannah (king cobra), which was changed was very sensitive skin will be happy to spout venom into your eyes or skin pecking at your feet.
"If the three had been ordered by a king cobra Korean businessman to be taken after Lebaran," said Sapto usual Totok addressed the experience of capturing snakes since 1977.
That afternoon he had just finished slaughtering a local cobra the size of two meters to take the blood, bile, bone marrow and tangkurnya as a means of healing one of the patients from the city of Demak. Like it already themselves have always had a patient in a severe condition and claimed to have given up with the style of medical treatment.
Any disease
In addition to surungan (friend of a local alcoholic drink, Cong Yang) ordinary snake meat (not cobra) by Totok efficacious to cure skin diseases.
While the cobra snake of a kind other than as surungan enjoyed, according to al Totok has many properties of blood for low blood, body resistance is weak; gall to efficacious to cure almost all major diseases like cancer, lung tumors, and other serious diseases; marrow used to cure rheumatism, calcification, and quickly tired of uric acid; tangkur believed to treat impotence, while the skin-in the form of powder mixed with coffee-to treat wounds slow-closing.
"But I hope that prospective users should check her potion in a medical first, such as blood pressure," he explained.
Totok explain the medical examinations necessary to determine the dosage of the herbs will be given for three days in a row first. After the first three days, users are expected to check himself back to the doctor.
Examination in addition to seeing the results of treatment might also see re-measure ingredients, and also because these ingredients, countless expensive for the poor.
Totok the style concoction is actually quite simple: a mixture of body parts cobra blood, marrow, bile and tangkur plus honey and ginseng wine.
Use of ginseng wine is a low alcohol content within it is intended to accelerate the body's absorption of the herb extract these cobras.
Each one of these potions, he set the price of local cobra Rp25.000 nothing more than a king cobra while the price was pegged Rp500.000. Count as a very cheap price when compared to the price set by the provider of cobra blood ingredient in other cities. Even some of which bear to give different prices according to the size of the snake.
"And his usefulness as just good old snake, the small size. The important thing of this type of cobra snake. "
While certainly not slap Totok keep her home kitchen with the light, low prices are part of social services for the community.
Palace of the King Cobra on customers, said Totok enough officials in the capital and in Java that also became his customers. Only she confessed hesitate to mention the names of officials who become customers.
It's just for processing desired by the customer, such as hands-off Totok claimed Koreans who choose to cook a 40 cobra snakes alive all sizes with 20 liters of water for 24 hours. So that leaves about two liters of water.
There are also guests who choose to enter a live snake into a bottle of liquor, such as using a baby deer liquor, this is believed to boost virility peminumnya.
But, according to Ube, we recommend if you want to drink blood mixed with cobra bile, or bone marrow, go to places that have experienced exactly kill cobras.
"To cut his head and pulled out the blood is how, not long pieces. If the original pieces, usually come decanted into a glass. That's like you're drinking poison, could die, "said Ube.
Indeed, in mid April 2003 and then in one of the cobra restaurant on Jl. Ngurah Rai, Bali, a man who inngin treating rheumatic diseases, lung, and he suffered ulcer died after drinking snake blood. So, other than hoping the disease can disappear, you also must be alert to risks that will happen.
Anti-venom to treat impotence
In human life the snake has occupied an important strata. In Semitic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) appear as a manifestation of the devil serpent that tempted Eve, and finally driven out into the world of humans.
However, snake venom is not always dangerous. This working mechanism can be exploited for the benefit of treatment. Among others for pain relievers, blood thinners, muscle tension relief, anticancer, antimicrobial, antikejang even investigated for anti-HIV drugs like never investigated P. Gopalakrishnakone, professor of the Faculty of Medicine, National University of Singapore in the 2nd National Symposium of The Recent Advances in Critical Care Management of Trauma Cases.
A number of drugs have been produced from natural toxins. Arvin compounds of Malaysian viper venom used to treat blood clotting disorders.
In 1998, the Supervisory Board of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed and approved the circulation of four based drug toxicity, both can be snakes, scorpions and cone shells, namely aggrostatin to treat angina, high blood pressure to captopril, conotoxin for bone nerve anesthesia rear, as well as chlorotoxin for the treatment of brain tumors.
According Gopalakrishnakone who became the coordinator and principal investigator can use and toxins (Venom and Toxin Research Programme / VTRG), research that began in 1985 involving a variety of disciplines at NUS, the Singapore government and institutions from China, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, France, England, Israel and the U.S..
The focus of research is to study the secretion mechanism could well be producing gland structure in animals such as snakes, scorpions, fish, corals, jellyfish and spiders, then isolate, purify and examine the nature of the poison.
"Poison is poison nerve, muscle toxins, poisons the heart and blood vessels, as well as anti-clotting activity observed in order to obtain molecules with the potential to be developed as a drug," said Gopalakrishnakone.
VTRG have examined so far 23 new types of poisons al hannalgesin of (king cobra) which have the nature of pain has been created and patented synthetic. Similarly, acidic PLA2 from local cobra is anti blood clotting.
Another substance, ie myotoxic PLA2 from pseudechis australis (brown snake from Australia) are beneficial for muscle and kidney. Also, poison from buthus martensi (Chinese red scorpion), namely makatoxin, chibutoxin, and bukatoxin; poison heterometrus sps (black scorpion) is hefutoxin; poison coremiocnemius validus tarantula spider Singapore); poison conus marmoreus (cone shells), and poison miropechis ikaheka (a type of snake from Papua).
Besides its use could, they also love to eat blood, bile, brain, and snake meat.
They eat snakes just for the sake of a belief that is not yet clear benefit. In many cities of the world, now appears as a snake prestigious fine dining.
However, if investigated, not much different snake meat with the meat of other animals. He has the composition of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. So, eating snake meat just the same as eating fish.
According to the audience who had seen a snake dishes Business, there are some benefits that can be learned from these snake bile and blood. Ranging from maintaining the freshness of the body, increase sexual arousal, supposedly capable of tackling the disease to forget.
For the people of China and Hong Kong no one could withstand the cold of Hong Kong other than a bowl of snake soup.
Strong drug consumption habits to enhance sexual power which actually has not been medically proven. Tonic (an aphrodisiac) is a substance or drug that is believed to arouse sexual desire that was obtained without a prescription from a doctor.
These powerful drugs such as pegs earth, ginseng, rhinoceros horn, raw shellfish, crocodiles tangkur, flies spayol, wild horse milk, meat, and cobra blood.
Material contained in the aphrodisiac it contains compounds that increase sexual sensation, did not increase sexual potency. Actually from the health angle, there is no stronger drug or medicine but a way to overcome sexual dysfunction, experienced by both men and women.
Sexual dysfunction were the cause all kinds. So any treatment varies depending on the type of sexual dysfunction. That is, all beautifully about sex after using drugs or medication is not real strong. Merely promotional and deceit of the powerful drug dealers and sellers.
In fact, eating a cobra blood can actually cause constriction of blood vessels and uric acid, because it contains cholesterol and blood kalpin cobra. But it's up to you as a customer. Are not you the king?

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