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Cough efficacious Traditional, All Natural Treat Chronic And Acute Cough Types

Cospleng traditional cough medicine

Materials needed:
Rhizome kencur (Kaempheria galanga) 1 kg
Legi timber root (Radix Liquiritiae) 3 a 10 cm stem
Fruit pepper (Piper longum) 5 pieces
Cardamom seeds (Cardamomi Fructus) 5 seeds
1 kg sugar
Enough water

How to manufacture:
Legi roots, cut and dimemarkan.
Chilies, cardamom seeds, dimemarkan, after it entered the pan containing enough water infusion, then legi wood, red pepper and cooked in a pan kapulogo infuse for half an hour. Filter after chilling. Separated liquid (a liquid).
Rhizome kencur washed, mashed, and squeezed with a liquid as a solvent.
Results dienapkan patinya then filtered juice into skillet.
Add sugar, boiled to evaporate the water.

After nearly all the water evaporates, it will cause crystallization. Dry the crystals with a small fire. Once dry, ready to drink cough medicine efficacious. To make the cough medicine as much as one glass, crystal is needed as much as 1 to 2 tablespoons.

How to drink:
gus do not drink at all, but a little bit, when my throat feels scratchy. Intention to enter the mouth and meminunya is to moisten the throat.
Kencur are somewhat local anesthetic, legi wood is expectorant, and chillies are antiseptic.

Author's experience:
This drink is very good drug to eliminate the irritation of the throat on coughing illness who have been treated with antibiotics, but the itch in his throat had not healed.
Drink a little bit in warm, while the throat feel itchy.
Good luck I hope your cough is suffering during this get-well

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