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Noni Fruit efficacy to treat Naturally, Traditional

Morinda citrifolia, or noni fruit is not foreign to the society. For remote areas in the interior, this nutritious fruit into a healthy menu, whether for fitness, maintain health and treatment of diseases. The fruit is also very popular in Southeast Asia and South Asia. In Indonesia and Malaysia call "Noni", while in the Pacific Islands and Hawaii are known by the name "Nonu", "Nono", or "Noni". Indigenous Australians (aboriginal) use it as the fruit snacks. Burmese natives cook this fruit is still young and Indonesian people make it for salad that usually found in the ceremony of "Mitoni" pregnancy in Java. Other plant parts like leaves, bark or roots, widely used as drug certain diseases. Although the literature refers to the study of foreign experts, the empirical use of noni in Indonesia have started to take root until the tribal society to modern society. This forgotten fruit sticking to the surface because of the import of "juice" that is packed into modern Indonesia.

Noni contains 300's active ingredient and the most prominent is xeronin, scopoletin, damacanthal, NO and several other compounds. Noni research center in America, Japan or Australia have been proven through testing praklinik about these properties. This plant is easy to find, both in lowland and mountain, fruit all year round, tall trees can reach 10-15 m. White flowers and fruit-sized potatoes, green, oval, uneven and "bercapuk". They wore mulberry leaves for worm medicine, skin softener, peluruh menstruation, peluruh sputum, fever, drug injuries, laxatives, cold medicines, thyroid problems, drug mules and diabetes. Noni juice is squeezed out and taken for diabetes, helminthic, anti-infective drugs, anti-high blood pressure, anti-tumor, anti-cough, asthma and colitis. As water is also used for dandruff shampoo. Gargle with mouthwash, given to children who amandelan.
From the treasures of natural medicine tribal faction, noni is used as food, medicine and medical injuries "Kepalo probable." Similarly, the traditional treatment (Battra) in Kerinci Seblat National Park for drug use dandruff, high blood pressure and diabetes. Many active ingredients contained in noni that has been analyzed by researchers from both inside and outside the country. Materials include: substance Proxeronine (Solomon, 1998), substance Xeronine (Heinick, 1972, Sowton, 1998), substance Anthroquinon (Perry, 1980, Van Steenis-Kruseman, 1953, Pujiastuti, 1996, Suprianto, 1989), substance Damnacanthal (Sowton, 1998, Schechter & Harimatsu, 1993), and substance Scopoletin (Groenendijk, 1993). Enzyme Proxeronase working on forming Proxeronine alkaloid called Xeronine. Xeronine is an important component of cell wall proteins. Each body cell membrane is a layer of membrane proteins that ensure the integrity of the soundness of a cell. Palisan this protein consists of peptides bound to one another and will be weakened without the presence Xeronine. Each Xeronine formed, directly regulated and entered in the cell wall. This substance is not saved and need renewal from time to time.
Xeronine will run out quickly if the body in a state of stress or exposure to toxins. Xeronine supply necessary to maintain a healthy body. Morinda is a source of vegetable producing proxeronine and proxeronase xeronine in the body. Then the active substance Damna canthal. This substance is a chemical substance which is mentioned in the literature useful in fighting cancer. Has been proven in animal trials can inhibit the growth of precancerous cells and Lewis lung carcinoma. Such activities because of the ability of T cell activity Damnacanthal spur or "killer cells" that can resist attack cancer cells of the body. In many ways, besides cancer, such as rheumatoid arthritis and AIDS would be attacked if the immune system weakens. This weakness can be genetic or chemical disebabkna, stress or improper diet. Addition of T cell activity is useful both as a prevention or treatment using noni. A cancer patient will need dose and a higher frequency of every day to rebuild a weakened immune system mice and gives a good fight against the cancer cells or possible adverse effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

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