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Usefulness Duck Eggs For Men For Sex Vitality Naturally

The lower a person's sexual arousal, it is not just by one factor. But interrelated, including psychological distress such as stress, physical fatigue, lack of sleep and eating patterns are wrong, spelled out the factors that can decrease sexual vitality. In fact, not a little guy with a decrease of vitality, the loss of spirit despite recent mengeluarkanjurusjurus to tickle the perceived decreased sex drive.
But try to eat duck eggs are also said to improve sex drive, turned out to be justified by Dr. Bambang Sukamto, DMSH of On Clinic, Jakarta. "Yes, a duck's egg contains a lot of fat and protein, which implies helping the growth of sperm and testosterone levels, and would be good to increase sexual performance," he said.

Added, medically duck eggs can actually be used as a tool to cure impotence by eating two eggs a day. And it is good to drink with honey ataujamu, accompanied by vegetables and food containing zinc such as oysters and tirem. Foods that contain zinc to help the growth hormone testosterone and sperm.
"But if the passion is kembaktior mall, duck egg consumption is one item a day or four points in one week. And should select the village duck eggs because it is still natural, not yet contaminated by chemical substances such as eggs produced by the factory," Bambang doctor's advice.
Sex Supplements

Duck eggs to supplement the sex, it has been trusted since tens of years ago. Many ways to be a duck egg blended supplements. Among them, mixed with special herbs or man made extra drinks, sweet tea substitute as practiced by the Minang community. "Tea egg", a duck egg yolk, plus two tablespoons of sugar, stir in the glass around 10 or 15 minutes. Penyuguhannya, given hot tea water. This herb for the newly married bride has turned out to be compulsory drink before having sex.
Many types of eggs are believed to have the efficacy to improve sexual performance, one chicken egg. Doctor Bambang explained, for a normal man should avoid eating duck eggs, because it can be fatal, fat deposition and increased cholesterol. Likewise with being sick with diabetes and kidney disorders, it can cause impotence.
"Also, do not eat them too often. It could cause ketergaritungan and less confident each time having sex. As a result fixed impotency. So, do not match the duck egg with a supplement other sex that can be consumed every one day or before sex. Before making eggs duck as an alternative medicine, you should first health check in order to avoid side effects such as allergies, "added the doctor, Bambang.

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