Jumat, 20 Agustus 2010

Acute and Chronic Cough In Traditional, Natural

Cough is very annoying, just nice to chat with a girlfriend or wife suddenly cough uh come, the new cool-er-ate with the relation cough coming, so corrupted or terganggulah atmosphere. If an occasional cough may not be so disturbing, but if the attack successive cough (coughing up of people saying kepingkel java-pingkel). Cough can be caused by many things including disease germs, dust / dirt, and smelling the smell of chili eg / spices that are fried. Air pollution, whether it's burning smoke dust or fumes are also good road dust or dust when cleaning the house can make us sick cough. This cough begins with a hoarse throat and itchy, scratchy and itchy feeling is what encourages us to cough. Sometimes end ditenggorokan inflammation. If the sick adults we may not too worried but if the sick children cough even babies may be different from our feelings. How not to because if the baby is usually exposed to coughing babies can not spit so interfere with breathing. Before you decide to check into your doctor is a good idea to try this simple recipe, traditional recipes that have been practiced hereditary Javanese people, medication is almost certainly can be found around the kitchen with table salt. The way is as follows: -Take a little salt into a glass insert and pour the boiled water warm, then stir with a spoon until dissolved salts, then the finished drug coughing. -Drinking and gargle with a glass / cup of salt water three times a day morning, afternoon and evening for three days. InsyaAllah will soon recover. If it husky taste, itching and coughing has not healed as well then I suggest you immediately went to the doctor to get further treatment. Good luck! During three consecutive days

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