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Usefulness and Benefits of Noni Fruit Hospital For Treatment of Kidney, Liver, Stroke, tonsils By Traditional

Noni fruit has a variety of substances useful for this fruit is nempunyai manusia.Keistimewaan scopoletin content, serotin, damnacantal, athraquinon, etc.. Fruit pace is very efficient for treating diabetes, heart disease, strooke, memperbaiiki can even make healthy blood pressure throid gland, boost immunity. Besides that noni juice can be used to stabilize blood sugar and menjegah pembengkaan prostate. As paionkiller noni juice can reduce pain during menstruation. As a cell generator capable of restoring the noni fruit and also liver function. Even otherwise also that the juice of noni juice as well as an adaptogen which helped increase the body's healing powers without side effects when the pace fruit juice combined with medical treatment or alternative treatment. Noni plant (Morinda citrifolia) has long been recognized by Indonesian society. Pale yellow fruiting plants can be found in various areas. Normally grows wild in the yard or roadside. Besides noni, another local name is the pace, with bentis, kemudu (Java), cangkudu (Sunda), kondhuk (Madura), bangkudu (Batak), neteu (Mentawai), keumudee (Aceh), tibah (Bali) or rewonang (Dayak) . But internationally, noni better known as "noni", which is typical of people called Hawaii. Accordingly, noni then received another nickname that is as Hawaiian magic plant because this plant is believed to cure various kinds of diseases. For always taking noni, they always feel healthy all year, without significant disease. Similarly, people in some countries have long been known as a medicinal plant noni multi properties. All parts of plants, ranging from roots, stems until the fruit is used to treat various types of diseases.

Traditionally, the noni plant are used in the form of fresh, juice or steeping, and a poultice. Roots for example, used to treat convulsions and tetanus, normalize blood pressure, fever medication, and tonic. Bark is used as a tonic, an antiseptic on the wound or swelling of the skin. The leaves are used as a remedy dysentery, intestinal cramps, dizziness, vomiting, and fever. While his men for drug peluruh urinary, bowel, colon, skin softener, cramps, asthma, respiratory disorders, and inflammation of the lining of the joints. Meanwhile, in a modern way, based on research results and research about the properties of noni, Western scientists have succeeded in identifying the noni contains active substances that are beneficial for health. Dr. Isabella Abbott for example, a botanist, in 1992 wrote, noni more and more people use to control diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure. Then in 1993, journals Center Letter reports that some researchers from Keio University and the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Japan conducted research on 500 species of plants. They claim to have found anticancer substances in noni fruit. Seems rather popular survey conducted Dr. Neil Solomon of the 8000 users of noni juice, including 40 doctors and medical practitioners. Results show that, noni juice help heal a number of diseases. There are at least 22 types of diseases, including high blood pressure, cholesterol, stroke, cancer, gout, diabetes, sexual weakness, pain, depression, kidney disorders, and stress with 78% success rate. In addition, effective noni juice cure indigestion, obesity, allergies, insomnia, improve concentration power to sexual power. According to the research, in addition to containing nutrients, "the young girl" also contains active substances such as terpenoids, antibacterial, scolopetin, anticancer, xeronine, proxeronine, natural dyes, and acids. Nutrients the body needs a complete classified in noni. Terpenoids are important substances that function to form the body in the process of organic synthesis and recovery of body cells. While the antibacterial substances in noni among others antrakuninon, acubin, and alizarin. These substances include bacteria capable of causing deadly heart infections and dysentery.
3 with Noni Healthy Recipes
First Prescription Young noni juice is made. For flavor enhancer, can be laced with a little honey. This potion to drink 30 minutes before breakfast. Usefulness: Cleaning the blood fat deposits that can cure atherosclerosis, stroke, and prevent heart attacks. Can limit the absorption and the formation of fat in the body so that the diet can help. Also, it can reduce high blood pressure, relieve tense thoughts, stress, anxiety, and reduce the discomfort.
Second Recipes Ripe noni fruit mashed and then mixed with grated ginger lempuyang and a few tablespoons of cooking water. Results juice drink. Usefulness: Treating inflammation of the liver, kidney inflammation, and inflammation of the spleen due to malaria attacks. Then, help remove excess bile and cholesterol, and heal the inflammation of the urethra are often called, Anyang-anyangan.
Third Recipes Mashed ripe noni fruit, then mixed with grated galangal rhizome and several tablespoons of hot water. Results juice and then drink. For flavor enhancer, you can add honey or sugar cube. Usefulness: Lowers fever due to flu and colds, especially in children. This herb also treat sore throat and tonsils.

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