Rabu, 18 Agustus 2010

Cough Medicines for Babies Naturally, Traditional Recipes Ancestor Blessing

Having a baby is very exciting, we can be comforted when she saw him laughing, or other funny behavior.
However, when the child was sick, he lost joy. Yes small children are vulnerable and susceptible to disease because the immune system in the body is not complete. Diseases that often attack children or babies, among others, a cough and runny nose. disease may be common, but sometimes it is very annoying little one, sometimes if malem he was always fussy.
If the cough / colds in infants / children, do not panic. some parents sometimes get very panicky if anakknya cough / pilek.alternatif first usually they will bring their children to the doctor. whereas in our children's doctor is usually only given a febrifuge, and anti-cough / runny nose made from chemicals.
yes sorry for our kids, childhood must have swallowed a variety of chemicals from the drugs we provide. whereas a lot of alternative traditional medicine heritage (: D). relatively more secure and can be told there are no side effects.
to cure a cough:
ingredients: Honey + lemon juice (1:1)
I create:
lemon juice, strain and mix with honey. then wrap with plastic wrap and steam for a minute.
after that, let cool slightly, and Drinks to our baby every morning and afternoon (2x daily).
it's like, mmm fresh, slightly sweet + kecut2 (proof of Jesus like ...)
note: can be made much at once. let durable, save the role in a sealed container, then put dikulkas. if you want to be drunk to stay heated (the container of hot water flushing / warm water)
Good luck hope your baby loves recover quickly after drinking the concoction above. Amen .........

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