Rabu, 18 Agustus 2010

How To Treat Acne Used, Black spots Naturally With Traditional Medicine

Are cosmetics like Wardah and Ponds can help eliminate acne, and how a way to remove acne scars but the traditional way of his? ema Maulida, 17 years
Answer: Ananda Hello Ema, we apologize for the delay in answering your question.
Some cosmetics that Ananda mentioned, apparently claims to be able to eradicate acne. Cosmetics generally having a claim to cure acne have content that TCC is antibacterial. But the most important fact is Ananda got to be keeping the skin clean, because at the age of Ananda, hormones are very actively developed, so that if less thorough in cleaning the face, facial acne Ananda easily arise. So should rutinlah clean face with facial cleanser, followed by a gentle facial soap. Do not use cosmetics to linger, even though just a moisturizer / powder. If Ananda have oily skin that tends to large pores, you should avoid using moisturizer as it can clog pores, and then lead to acne.
To get rid of acne in traditional ways, there are a few recipes we found that could Ananda try, among others:

1) serbukkan cinnamon stick, mix it with honey, then apply on acne scars every night, clean them again the next day 2) take a little honey, heat until boiling. let stand until it becomes suam2 nails, apply on acne scars during kira2 two hours. do every night before bed. this way can also be used to remove eczema scars, both hands and foot. 3) take a few leaves of gotu kola, lumatkan, powder mixed with cold, then pupurkan in place with acne every night before bed
Hopefully what we would like to be able to help Ananda

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