Kamis, 19 Agustus 2010

Red Eye Hospital drug, aqueous, Belek Naturally, Betel Leaves Herbal Blessing

You definitely do not want to be like her Lutfi? Until thousands of albeit treated eyes remained red definitely. Hehehe ....
Greatly affect the immune system in the eyes dispel diseases that had attacked. Good body resistance, usually the eyes are always safe. One again, washing hands frequently and most importantly do not ucek eye / eyes let me touch briefly.
When the eyes itch because of smth, just close your eyes, hold briefly until the tears come out, usually dust / small objects which would go out alone with tears TSB. Eye sore that he said again transmitted through the liquid. If shaking hands with a sick person's eyes, give immediately prior to the move the other hand.
There is nothing wrong if we tried traditional medicine if you have a sore eye. Try the following tops:
Learned to taste a few leaves of betel.Then the betel leaves soaked in hot water.Wait until the marinade until warm or cold.Dip your eye into the marinade several times.
Hopefully you bermanfaatdan suffered eye pain recover quickly

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