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Usefulness of Blood and Bile Cobra snake and kinds For Skin Diseases

Usefulness Cobra Snake Blood and Bile

I want you to know one of the properties of snake blood and bile can ngobatin skin diseases suffered by human beings who

Snake Blood and Bile Remedy Treat Skin Diseases
Snakes, the venomous to Treat Diseases

Usefulness of the Palace of the King Cobra
Bandung - Koko (45) citizens of this Padalarang a first come and drink the concoction cobra blood and bile in the Palace of King Kobra, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman No. 319.

"My first time coming. Although've long known this place," said Koko. Koko declare his coming to this place because he had suffered skin diseases not go away.

"I've been three times to the doctors including specialists, but instead added the skin," he said. In fact, according Koko, red rashes all over his body that now meets only from acne. Acne is he pinch but instead cause the disease.

Koko confess actually a little afraid to drink the potion and the blood bile. But his desire to heal up the courage to make herself. "It was sweet, yes," he commented after drinking the potion.

To cure skin diseases, other than to consume a concoction of blood and snake bile twice a week, Koko was required to drink capsule cobra and king cobra oil rubbed on the skin of the sick.

In addition, Dale also advised not to consume tea or coffee for four hours after drinking the potion. Because the existing content in tea or coffee could eliminate the ingredient properties.

Koko, one of the many people who come to the Palace Cobra to treat illness. Most visitors are in addition to disease in many who came to treat skin diseases.

According to the owner of the Palace of the King Cobra, David Gunawan (45) animal blood of reptile species are beneficial to the skin. But among all types of reptiles, snakes can be said to be more optimal in treating skin diseases.

"Snakes have a can or poison. By nature snakes have antibodies or antidote against the poison in his body," said David. According to David, especially the cobra snake king cobra species has a better efficacy for poison contains 10 times more than ordinary snake.

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