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Cough and Colds, Type - Type of Cough and Colds by Type of pain

Both cough and runny nose is a symptom, not disease. Coughing is a reflex of defense of the body to remove phlegm, ripples, and foreign objects (eg beans, etc.) from the respiratory tract, whereas a cold is a symptom of watery or viscous fluid from the nose called nasal mucus.
Medicine for coughs and colds are used to eliminate the so-called symptomatic disease symptoms. Coughs and colds strike the upper respiratory tract and often interfere with daily activities. Medicine for coughs and colds can be used if the perceived symptoms are disturbing.
Cough lozenge
Cough consists of two types, dry cough (non-productive) cough and phlegm (productive). To cure a cough depends on the type of cough suffered.
Cough is divided into:

1. Anti-tusif: dextromethorphan and difenhidramin
2. Expectorants: guaifenesin, glyceryl guaikolat, ammonium chloride, and succus liquiritiae bromheksin
Antitusif used to treat dry coughs, while treating cough expectorant for phlegm.
Antitusif works by suppressing the central cough cough stimulus located in the marrow continued (medulla), whereas expectorant works by increasing the production of watery sputum that causes the thickness to reduce its expenditure by making it easier to cough.
Colds Medicines
Medicine for colds is divided into two kinds, namely:

1. Antihistamines: klorpeniramin, difenhidramin, feniramin and tripolidin.
2. Decongestants: pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine fenilefrin.
Colds can also be caused by allergies. Antihistamines (AH1) is useful for symptomatic treatment of allergic diseases and to prevent or treat motion sickness. Eksudatif type of acute allergic diseases can be treated by the AH1 but the effect is only restrict and inhibit the effects of histamine which is released at the time of antigen-antibody reaction occurs.
Decongestants work by causing venokonstriksi (narrowing of the veins) in the nasal mucosa, thus reducing the volume of the mucosa and eventually can reduce nasal blockage.
Respiratory tract decongestant drug classes used in order to facilitate breathing in the nose. The available dosage forms can be slow off the tablet, syrup and drop, balm, inhaler, nasal drops or nasal spray. For the best nasal spray used to go to the doctor consultation.
Know the Causes of Coughs and Colds
Before deciding to seek treatment, should be sought once the cause of colds and coughs. For colds and coughs caused by allergies should avoid these allergens.
In finding out the cause of coughs and colds, you can seek help doctors. To cure a cough, it is important to identify the types of patients whether the cough dry cough or cough with phlegm.
Antihistamines have side effects can cause drowsiness, so its use is adjusted to the activity.
For the selection of appropriate respiratory medicine is a good idea and you should consult a doctor.
At the online pharmacy you can search medicastore cough and cold medicines with different brands with the same content as simple as typing in the search engines medicastore. So you can select and obtain detailed information on cough and cold medicines according to your needs.

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