Jumat, 06 Januari 2012

Cooking Recipe Roast Chicken Palace


     1 / 2 whole chicken, cut into 2 parts
     Second knuckle of ginger, crushed
     2 bay leaves
     750 L of hot water
     150 g tomatoes, roughly chopped
     1 tablespoon brown sugar, comb
     3 tablespoons cooking oil
     Salt, pepper & non MSG broth to taste

Crush seasonings rough:

     5 grains of red onion
     3 cloves garlic
     5 pcs red chilli

How to Make:

     Heat oil, add seasonings Crush, chicken, ginger & bay leaf, stir & cook until the chicken changes color
     Add hot water, stir until boiling, add the tomatoes, brown sugar & salt, pepper, stir in flavoring non msg & cook over medium heat until the sauce is almost dry & chicken is tender.
     Prepare coals, roast chicken while the remainder was given back and forth & somewhat dry seasoning and serve

Sources: http://bumburesepmasakan.blogspot.com

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